HE’S HISTORY: Trump Just Ripped Bob Corker With The Worst Insult Ever

And I don’t mean history as in the history books.  No, Corker won’t even get an honorable mention there.

I mean history as in he’s history.  Finished.  Gone.

Trump got up Tuesday morning and wrote some news again.  He tweeted about Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, and it wasn’t pretty.

Here’s what he said:

I’ll tell you this:  I’m in Tennessee and I can’t stand Corker.  It was welcome news to hear he won’t be back “representing” my state!  I can’t agree with Trump more.  I sure wouldn’t elect him as dog catcher!

In case you missed it, here’s some of the Trump v. Corker Twitter war:

(Courtesy of Rshill7 via Youtube.com)

And I don’t blame Trump for calling Corker out again.  Early Tuesday, Corker really disrespected our President, who is about to go to Capitol Hill to talk tax reform.  Corker said that Trump’s visit was not  “really about substance,” and really just a “photo op” for him.

Are you kidding me, Corker?  Have you even been paying attention to how hard our President is working for America?  I mean, just because you decided to give up and quit, doesn’t mean that’s what Trump does.

Do you think Corker was inappropriate?  Would you elect him as your dog catcher?  Comment “yes” or “no” and Share, Patriots.

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