The Hawaiian Judge Gets TERRIBLE News From SCOTUS

The Supreme Court of The United States has some had news for the judge in Hawaii who blocked the latest travel ban.

The travel ban was blocked only several hours before it was set to take effect. The Supreme Court planned to hear out a legal challenge by Hawaii against the travel ban from President Donald Trump against several Muslim-majority countries and on refugees.

The supreme court announced that it will not hear out the case initiated by Hawaii over the bans, which was updated and replaced.

Two lower courts have dropped Trump’s bad targeted at people from eight countries and Trump’s third set of travel restrictions, and that looks like the issue will find its way to the Supreme Court.

After the expiration of Trump’s earlier 90 day ban on people entering the U.S. from six predominantly Muslim countries on Sept. 24, it was replaced with an open-ended ban that involves eight countries.

Just like the old ban, the same argument are being used for the new ban. Although the President’s idea with those bans is to prevent terrorism in the United States, some people say that the travel ban discriminates Muslims and it’s violating the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition on the government disfavoring a religion.

The expired ban targeted the people from: Libya, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia. In the new ban however, Sudan is removed from the list, but there are new people blocked from North Korea and Chad. Also in the new travel ban is stated that certain government officials from Venezuela are denied from entering the United States.

The 120 day ban on refugees expired on Tuesday. On October 10th the court eliminated the first of two travel bans, replacing it with a updated, open-ended bad that includes eight countries.

Let’s not forget that this is done only for the name of the national security and for the best of all us.


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