Former UN Ambassador Explains Why Trump’s UN Appearance Is The Best He’s Seen In 25 Years

Hillary Clinton and her friends are doing their best to blast President Trump, but we all know that he did an amazing job with his UN appearance. Although his political opponents mocked him, President Trump didn’t step back. He knew that this was the right thing to be done. Former UN ambassador John Bolton shares the same opinion.

President Trump used his appearance at the UN to talked about the problem with Kim Jong-un and his nuclear testing. This is his biggest concern at the moment. That’s what this former UN ambassador said.

Former UN ambassador John Bolton said that the President’s UN speech is the greatest thing he has heard in 25 years.

“The only way to deal with the quagmire that the U.N. represents on so many issues is to be direct. For Americans, plain speaking is still a virtue, and there is a lot of plain speaking in that speech. This was the best speech of the Trump presidency in my view. I think he was as clear and direct as it’s possible to be. I think it’s safe to say in the entire history of the United Nations, there has never been a more straightforward criticism of the behavior, the unacceptable behavior or member states,” Bolton said.

The former UN ambassador spoke about his favorite part of the President’s speech. He approves the President’s mentioning of Venezuela. “He said, this is not a case of socialism being poorly implemented. It’s a case of socialism being implemented exactly the way the theory tells us,” former UN ambassador Bolton said.

Well, we all heard the President’s speech, and let’s just say that it was emotional and correct. President Trump is ready to make America great again. This former UN ambassador knows it. He appreciates the President’s efforts, and we all hope that this speech will bring us closer to solving the problem with North Korea.

What do you think about Bolton’s comments regarding the President’s UN speech? Will liberals condemn the former UN ambassador for his support for President Trump? Do you think our leader will find a way to solve the problem with North Korea?

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