FBI Arrested And Charged Another Terrorist – They Finally Caught Him!

There is one unwritten rule: never lie to a member of the United States government, especially when they are asking you specific questions regarding your behavior, your lifestyle or your possessions.

FBI agents are trained to spot lies and to delve into questioning that will catch the suspect in his own web of deceit, and they have proven it by having forced confessions from countless nefarious individuals who meant harm to other Americans and to our country.

One such person was 28-year-old Michigan resident Yousef Mohammad Ramadan. After weeks of surveillance, Ramadan was finally arrested as he was attempting to leave the country with his wife and children, bound for Amman, Jordan. In a storage unit rented by Ramadan was a cache of weapons with serial numbers removed.

Ramadan has not been charged with a terror-related crime and it is still unclear why the FBI’s counterterrorism team and the head of the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s national security unit are involved in the case, as well as whether investigators had thwarted a terror attack or stopped a man from traveling overseas to commit terror.

However, Ramadan has been charged with knowingly possessing a firearm with an obliterated serial number, a five-year felony.

According to court records, Ramadan admitted owning two rifles and a Glock handgun and placed the firearms in a storage unit before arriving at the airport.

“However, when asked to take the agents to the storage unit, Ramadan stated that he had lied about the storage unit, and actually had stored the firearms with a friend,” Schanberger wrote in the criminal complaint.

Then the story changed.

“Ramadan refused to identify the friend to whom he had allegedly given the firearms, stating he did not want to cause his friend to have problems with law enforcement,” the agent wrote, adding that Ramadan said the firearms were legally purchased and registered.

Then the story changed again.

“Ramadan also stated that he had made up the story about the self-storage unit,” the agent wrote.

Records showed Yousef had legally registered the Glock handgun, but investigators would soon find more weapons after agents linked Ramadan to a unit at Devon Self Storage on South State Road in Ann Arbor, reports Federalist Nation.

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