EXPOSED: Mueller Caught in HUGE Cover Up — End the Special Counsel NOW!

Question: Would the government ever use a U.S. prosecutor to go after mobsters if he or she had done previous legal work for those very same gangsters?

The answer is an obvious “No”, yet DC is turning a blind eye to Special Counsel and Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller’s legal history with Russian government officials, reports Pacific Pundit.

How freaking unfit does Mueller have to be for his role as Witch Hunter Extraordinaire being yanked? This would be incredibly funny if it was not so damn true.

Pundit writes that Mueller worked on a legal team representing IronBridge, one of several consulting companies that were working on a proposed business deal that saw the Saudi government and Russia’s Rosatom teaming up to build nuclear energy plants in Saudi Arabia.

The project has been of interest to President Trump’s former National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn, before his ouster. Mueller is now investigating Flynn, which in itself should be reason to recuse himself.

One interesting aspect of this story Pundit did not cover was the role of Rosatom.

The Russian nuclear energy company was a key part in Hillary Clinton’s gifting of 20 percent of the world’s uranium to Vladimir Putin in exchange for “donations” to the Clinton Foundation. And those facts come from the New York Times!

There is Russian collusion going on and it all involves Dumbocrats being up to their eyeballs in it!

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  1. The assistant AG hired him let him fire him. He is another career politician. Most of our politicians are Sessions doesn’t know which end the fork goes in the body. He is a joke. Most of our politicians don’t know what they should,so they kick the can down the road!!

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