Eric Chase’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Shocking Details About Their Relationship

Eric Chase Bolling, the late son of disgraced Fox News host Eric Bolling, has been going out with an attractive blonde nursing assistant and model Ciara Medlin, 19, of Brighton, Colorado, shortly after news of his death broke, via

Medlin spoke to the Daily Mail, telling the outlet that she and Eric Bolling Jr. had broken up not long before his death, but that they remained caring friends.

‘My favorite memories are of our car rides, endless laughs, and constant fun. We would sing songs, have dance battles and make late night runs to Fatshack,’ said Medlin.

‘He was such an amazing person inside and out – I have never met anyone like him. I love Eric and he was one of the best people I ever met,’ she added.

Medlin paid tribute to her ex-boyfriend and friend on the social media on September 9, calling him ‘one of the first, closest and best friends I ever had in Boulder.’

Medlin stated: ‘My heart aches and you didn’t deserve this. Thank you for the memories. Stay boolean [sic] Bolling. Rest in peace. We will miss you, angel.’

Bolling Jr had spent Wednesday and Thursday morning with Carter who said he noticed nothing amiss with his friend.

Eric Chase had spent some time in the days leading up to his death with his close friend Wayne Carter, 21, who said he saw nothing unusual or awry about his friend.

‘He was fine,’ Carter said. ‘Seemed like everything was normal, just like how we always hung out. Good mood, super energetic. Looked like he had no worries.

‘[We talked about] girls, sports, working out, our friends. He was talking about his trip because he just got back from New York.’

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