Ellen DeGeneres Involved In A Sexual Scandal With Katy Perry

In the heat of the big Harvey Weinstein sex assault scandal the host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show decided to tweet out an image that speaks for itself.

In the Tweet she wrote was stated:

“Happy birthday, @KatyPerry” Wishing to the pop-singer and big Trump-hater Katy Perry.

“It’s time to bring out the big balloons!” – Looking straight in to Perry’s breasts.

The Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro made a really good point about how the Left would have reacted if a photo or tweet like this was posted by a straight guy in the middle of the heat with the sexual harassment scandals.

Of course they would have gone mad the minute the photo was posted, especially if the photo was posted by a conservative.

There were many cases where people were accused over sexism over minor things, like the actor Ryan Gosling who was accused for sexism for thanking his wife Eva at the Golden Globes. The sports reporter Clay Travis was also accused for the same thing for using the word “boobs” in the presence of a female CNN reporter. Even an airport worker was accused by the actress Ashley Judd for calling her sweetheart.

But this time, when it’s about Ellen there is no problem. That’s just unfair.



  1. If the president said something like that the liberal news would be all over it condemning him as a pervert. The REAL pervert is Ellen. Her lifestyle is a perversion.

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