Early This Morning Trump Hit Frederica Wilson With His Secret Weapon… She’s PANICKING

Trump just lashed out at “wacky” Congressman for “secretly” listening to his call to a Gold Star Family. Trump has now continued to face backlash over his comments that he made on Tuesday.

This woman has been attacking our President non-stop and it is very sad. Earlier, Trump said that Wilson “totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof).”

Then everyone realized something much bigger about Frederica Wilson. Get ready to see this.

Frederica Wilson has been totally compromised by the Imran Awan scandal, according to Daily Caller. Her online accounts were managed by Imran Awan himself and have been compromised as part of the investigation.

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This means that she is doing all this to distract from the fact that she has been hacked by a foreign power.

It just goes to show how terrible the people opposing Trump are at their jobs. Instead of remembering the fallen, Democrats are using this moment attack our President.

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The deaths of our troops should not be a political tool.

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