HE IS DONE: CNN’s Jake Tapper Has Been EXPOSED!

BUSTED: CNN’s @JakeTapper Used “Offensive” Racial Slur To Describe Multiracial Haitians In The 1990s

From Gotnews:

CNN host Jake Tapper used the racially charged term “mulatto” to describe the Haitian elite in the 1990s, a GotNews review of Mr. Tapper’s old writings reveals.

Writing for the Washington City Paper, Tapper wrote a piece that ran June 26th, 1998, titled “The Witch Doctor is In.” In it, he used the offensive term to describe the victims of dictator Francois Duvalier’s militias:

According to dictionary.com, ‘mulatto’ is an “offensive” term used to describe “a person who has both black and white ancestors.”

In his article, Tapper also described an elderly Haitian man named Brun Icart as “black as night.”


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