She Dared Trump Voters Not To Watch Her Next Movie. Look What Just Happened

Americans have been working together to make up for all that was ruined and lost during the hurricanes. At this time of panic and disaster, anti-Trump actress Jennifer Lawrence said that the “wrath” of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on America’s election of President Donald Trump were to blame.

Because of negative things like these, people have started not to like her as much. What was even weirder was that her new film “Mother!” opened to a devastating $7.5 million, reports Red State Watcher.

The Hollywood reporter revealed:

“‘American Assassin’ also beats ‘mother!,’ an elevated horror film earning an F CinemaScore and marking the worst wide opening of Jennifer Lawrence’s career with $7.5 million.

Darren Aronofsky’s mother! stalled in its domestic box office debut, grossing an estimated $7.5 million from 2,368 theaters after receiving a rare F CinemaScore and facing competition from blockbuster It.

mother!, an elevated psychological horror-thriller, supplants The House at the End of the Street ($12.3 million) to mark the lowest nationwide launch of Jennifer Lawrence’s career. The Paramount title, costing $30 million to produce, came in No. 3 for the weekend behind It and new offering American Assassin. (In a sign that summer is over, all three titles are rated R.)”

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