Popular Country Music Singer Writes Song After NFL Protest And It’s Viral!

America is a nation filled with patriots and we’ve seen that on numerous occasions. They go around waving the flag, they volunteer with veterans organizations and sing the anthem the loudest they can.

You can only imagine what would happen if anyone disrespect some of the things these patriots value the most. They would go crazy, but they have every right to.

The NFL has been associated with disrespect towards this country for quite awhile now. The league’s players have been protesting the flag and national anthem, not realizing that by doing that they disrespect the country as a whole.

What patriots found the most disturbing was the fact that NFL executives haven’t done anything to stop the protests, even after the league started losing views and ratings and a lot of sponsors threatened to pull out.

In the midst of these protests, one man has decided to speak up and tell everyone that singing will make things better in this crooked world. The man in question is Pat Garrett, a country music singer from Pennsylvania.

He recently made a song that was supposed to remind Americans of how lucky they are to have been born in this wonderful country. His song is titled “I’m Gonna Stand,” clearly sending a message to the NFL players who have been kneeling during the playing of the anthem. His song sings:

“I’m gonna stand with my hand on my heart, because Old Glory represents the nation I love. I’m gonna honor all those people who’ve died, as our symbol of freedom waves gloriously above. We’re so lucky to live in the land of the free, won’t you stand up along side of me, because I’m gonna stand for the country I love.”

Recently, Garrett did an interview for Allentown station WFMZ. During that interview, he talked about how he respects NFL players’ right to protest the anthem, but he has no intentions of joining them in their protests. He explained:

“I guess they have a right to do whatever they please — you know, this is America. However, when they play ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ I’m gonna stand, and that’s what this song is about.”


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