CNN Invites Fox Host On Live TV – Kicks Him Off After He Says THIS

On Friday, CNN host Brooke Baldwin invited Fox Sports host Clay Travis on her show. It didn’t take long for her to regret this move.

Baldwin certainly wasn’t expecting Travis to say this…

To the absolute disgust of Brooke Baldwin, Fox Sports host Clay Travis appeared on CNN on Friday and said, “I believe in two things: the First Amendment and boobs.”


Baldwin opened up the conversation:

“We have Clay Travis with Fox Sports Radio and founder of Gentlemen, good to see both of you. And Clay, to you first, you know of all the different columnists or even magazines in the wake of Charlottesville, specifically, that have called out the president as racist, why do you think he really took this particular target on ESPN and Jemele [Hill]?”

Travis responded in a way Baldwin could have never prepared for (emphasis added):

“Well, I think because ESPN is not in the business of commenting randomly on politically related issues. If you look at their history, they established about 18 months ago that they don’t believe their people should be in involved in non-sports related political controversies.

They suspended and then fired Curt Schilling for saying that he disagreed with the North Carolina transgender bathroom bill. That had absolutely nothing to do with sports and they said, look, you can’t have this opinion, it’s too conservative. We’re not going to allow it. I think that’s a bad move. I’m a First Amendment absolutist and I believe in only two things completely: the First Amendment and boobs.”

Baldwin was in absolute shock and gave Travis several opportunities to clarify and recover, but he instead expanded on what he had already said:

“Boobs, two things that have only never let me down in this entire country’s history: the First Amendment and boobs. So those are the only two things I believe in absolutely in the country.”

Travis is a best-selling author and former columnist for His bio on Outkick the Coverage reads:

A former attorney who realized that practicing law full-time was miserable, Travis likes pink dolphins, beards, people who email him “your gay” and giving subtle nods in the direction of other men who have outkicked their coverage.

He founded Outkick in 2011 in an effort to make your day more enjoyable and prove that gay Muslims can succeed in America today. Since 2011 Outkick has, conservatively, cost the law firms of America four billion dollars a year in lost productivity. He is America’s only gay, racist, sexist, homophobic conservative liberal…

This brings up the question: Why on earth would they invite this man on live TV, and where they really expecting anything else to happen?

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