Clinton Said Something BRUTAL About Trump And North Korea In New Yorker Interview!

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sharply criticized President Donald Trump in an interview that The New Yorker released Wednesday.

“[Trump] is immature, with poor impulse control; unqualified for the position that he holds; reactive, not proactive; not strategic, either at home or on the world stage,” Clinton said.

The former presidential candidate said that Trump’s actions when dealing with North Korea’s threats to the U.S. are not rectifying the situation, and are in fact only bolstering the North Korean dictator.

“[Trump] is unpredictable, which, at the end of the description one can give of him, makes him dangerous. The latest incident with North Korea? Going after our ally, South Korea, while North Korea is threatening the region, threatening us? Going after China, which we need, whether we like it or not, to help us try to resolve the aggressive behavior of Kim Jong Un? It puts a smile on Kim’s face,” Clinton said.

Clinton also blasted Trump for targeting the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, saying he has a “bromance” with Russian President Vladimir Putin and a “limited understanding of the world.”

“Everything is in relation to how it makes him feel. And therefore he has little objective distance, which a leader must have,” Clinton said. “Making decisions in the Oval Office requires a level of dispassionate, reasoned analysis. We’ve seen no evidence he’s capable of that.”

H/T Daily Caller

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