BREAKING: U.S. District Judge Just Gave Sheriff Joe Arpaio SHOCKING News!

A US district judge disrespected the President’s decided to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The judge considers keeping Arpaio’s conviction, this goes against everything President Donald Trump made regarding the case. The incident fills headlines across the country, and we’re still waiting to see the further development of events.

President Donald Trump decided to pardon Joe Arpaio on August 25. The US District Judge Susan Bolton asked the federal government to convince her to break his conviction. Nixon v. the United States says that presidential pardon can only void punishment for a crime. It doesn’t rescind a conviction, and the judge uses this excuse for her future plans.

If federal attorneys fail to convince Bolton on the matter, she will drop the case against Joe Arpaio. But, she doesn’t intend to rescind his conviction.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was convicted in July of criminal contempt for defying an order to stop arresting individuals who may have crossed he border illegally. The former Arizona sheriff doesn’t tolerate criminals, and this caused him so much trouble. But, we all know that the sheriff faces these problems only because he supported the President during his campaign.

Arpaio’s hearing is scheduled for next month. He will have the chance to argue his case without any opposition. Joe Arpaio enjoys the support of his former federal prosecutors. However, this wasn’t enough for Bolton. The judge claims that the federal government doesn’t cite any existing precedent to strengthen their request.

If by any chance you forgot it, Bolton is the judge who handed down the sheriff’s conviction in July. “Not only did Defendant abdicate responsibility, he announced to the world and to his subordinates that he was going to continue the business, as usual, no matter who said otherwise,” she wrote.

Civil rights organizations have already filed motions to challenge the pardon, and Joe Arpaio will have his attorneys oppose this move.

What do you think about this? Will Joe Arpaio be pardoned? How will civil right organizations fight against Arpaio’s attorneys this time? Do you think the sheriff will be able to get out of the mess he was involved into?

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