BREAKING: Trump Is Hiring New Top Fox News Host

President Donald Trump had one of the best campaigns ever. He made a few amazing promises, and assured people that the White House will shine in a different light. The President also promised to make America great again. Our country can only grow stronger if the President manages to gather the best professionals in his team. Mercedes Schlapp is one of them.

Sources confirm that the Fox Pundit Mercedes Schlapp will join the Trump administration, and she will become part of the White House Communications team.

Mercedes Schlapp is the wife of the American Conservative Union chairman Matthey Schlapp. She will have a senior role in the communications department, and the information was confirmed by three White House officials close to the situation. Mercedes was also part of the Bush administration and she was the spokesperson for Spanish-language media outlets. Her position in the new administration isn’t defined yet.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, the principal Deputy Chief of Staff Kirstjen Nielsen and deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell like the idea of receiving Schlapp in their team, as confirmed by our source.

Mercedes works as a consultant for her public affairs firm Cove Strategies. She will become part of the West Wing, and fans cheer to this decision.

But, Mercedes herself didn’t comment on the subject.

President Donald Trump appreciates Mercedes’ support for him, and he expressed his gratitude in his speech at CPAC, the American Conservative Union’s signature annual event. “I want to thank Matt Schlapp and his very, very incredible wife and boss, Mercedes. When I watch them on television defending me, nobody has a chance,” the President said.

People remember Mercedes as a critic of the White House communications department. According to her, that the President should focus on tax reforms instead of talking about immigration. “If I were part of the White House team, I would say red flag, we need to talk about tax reform today until that bill is signed,” Mercedes said.

What do you think about Mercedes’ addition to the White House? How will this affect the efficacy of the Trump team?

(h/t Politico)

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