Breaking: Trump Administration Chooses A New Press Secretary

As we reported a few days back, Vice President Mike Pence is replacing his Press Secretary with Alyssa Farah, in a move that should do nothing but good for him and his staff. Mike Pence has been a very busy man since the hurricanes hit the United States coast. He has been going to these places to meet with the victims. But this news is much different.

Farah will be replacing former secretary Marc Lotter. Lotter came to Washington with Pence as he was serving as a longtime aide in Indiana, where Pence was serving as governor. She will do a great job and will open the eyes of many around the country that have been calling for Pence’s heard.

Lotter will remain the Press Secretary until the end of September before leaving the administration to go work in the private sector. Farah will officially start Oct. 2, according to Pence’s office.

Farah has been the spokeswoman for the conservative Freedom Caucus for more than a year. Before this, she was communications director for Rep. Mark Meadows, the caucus’s chairman.

There was a reason for Lotter to step down, however. It sounds like they wanted him to do more for the administration from the outside.

“He can do more TV and speak on behalf of President Trump,” the source close to the announcement said. “It’s a win-win-win. Lotter is great. The idea is to send him out doing media hits aggressively during tax reform.”

But as for Farah, she is a hard-working woman who knows what she wants. She will do a fantastic job as a replacement for Lotter. Farah has been in and around Washington for a long time and knows the ins and outs of what it takes to get things done.

Mike Pence is a man with a plan and knows exactly what he needs to make sure that his staff is as successful as possible. He has been successful as a politician for decades and there is a reason for that. He surrounds himself with people that he can trust. We need to see more of that in Washington.


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