BREAKING: Shots Fired!!! Bannon Just Went In On Bush!!!

Former White House advisor Steve Bannon has fired at George W. Bush for his speech he gave earlier this week.

The New York Daily News reported: A speech by Steve Bannon that initially called for unity among Republicans turned into a scathing take-down of George W. Bush, highlighting a growing chasm within the party.

The former White House adviser, speaking to a large crowd at a California Republican National Convention banquet said the 43rd President “embarrassed himself” earlier in the week with his “highfalutin” speech denouncing the politics of the Trump era as well as the bigotry and conspiracy theories dampening the identity of America.

“There has not been a more destructive presidency than George Bush’s,” Bannon said during the dinnertime address. “It was clear he didn’t understand anything he was talking about.

“He has no earthly idea whether he’s coming or going, just like it was when he was the President of the United States.”

The remarks, part of a larger speech rife with attacks on the Washington status quo, were prompted by comments Bush offered on Thursday.


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