BREAKING: Obama Tax Audit Turns Up MILLIONS In Offshore Accounts Stolen From Taxpayers. Do You Support To Arrest Obama?

Liberals always bash President Donald Trump about his tax returns. What they don’t realize is that he doesn’t feel the need to rush to get his tax returns out because he has nothing to hide. He uses this to have fun while making liberals squirm. For all we know, he could release his tax returns on January 21st, 2025.

This didn’t happen with former president Barry Soetoro. Obama, who has denied this alias several times, was just caught with more than $400 million in taxpayer money sitting in accounts in the Cayman Islands, Ireland, and Caledonia. All the money is listed as “royalty payments” he received for Obamacare.

Back in 2010, the liberal Congress passed the Obamacare bill without even reading it. Obama, as the bill’s author, was paid a percentage of the proceeds for “expenses and royalties associated with naming the bill.” When Obamacare got renamed, the Obama family stopped getting royalties. But, by that time, they had already pocketed $411 million. Additional $400 million was transferred discreetly to accounts offshore to Barry Soetoro, a legal entity operating out of three foreign countries reports Federalist Nation.

By sending the money to offshore accounts, Obama managed to avoid paying more than $170 million in taxes that could have gone towards funding all of the free stuff he gave to the inner city folks so they’d re-elect him in 2012. The only thing he did during his presidency was run up a deficit higher than any president in history and quadruple the nation’s debt.

However, Obama avoided any kind of investigation. But, as he is now out of the White House, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be investigated and in time charged for these serious crimes.

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