Breaking!! Obama Just Got Desperate!!

Obama is now campaigning for the Affordable Care Act and attacking the new Republican Appeal Proposal.

Axios Reported: While speaking at an event sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation today, former President Barack Obama said “people are alive today because of” the Affordable Care Act, “and when I see people trying to undo that hard-won progress…it is aggravating.”

Obama ripped into the Graham-Cassidy bill, which proposes block grant funding to be distributed among the states. Obama said it would “raise costs, reduce coverage and roll back protections for older Americans, and people with pre-existing conditions.” Based on current projections from consulting firm Avalere Health, health care cuts could top $4 trillion under this bill.

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H/T RedStateWatcher


  1. Obamacare needs to be completely taken out of our country. We have some excellent healthcare providers. We don’t need Obama trying to bankrupt our medical and dental system.

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