BREAKING! North Korean Defector Leaked All Secrets About Kim Jong-Un

An ex-regime insider is risking her life to expose the Kim Jong-un’s closed world, where people are being brainwashed, disturbed, while spreading international madness with nuclear disobedience, reckless behavior and deadly threats to the United States and President Donald Trump.

A North Korean defector whose father was a senior officer under despot Kim Jong-Un has revealed a terrifying insight from within his feared inner-circle. Ex-regime insider Hee Yeon Lim, who is 26, is risking her own life by telling the world how paranoid Kim lives like an emperor whilst casually ordering executions of confidantes and even relatives.

In 2015, when her father, Wu Yeon Lim, passed away at 51, she and her family decided to flee the country. Currently, she is in a hideaway in South Korea.

She reveals how she was forced to watch a group of 11 musicians being executed in a football stadium after they were accused of making a porn movie.

“The musicians were brought out, tied up, hooded and apparently gagged, so they could not make a noise, not beg for mercy or scream” – she said. “They were lashed to the end of anti-aircraft guns. It was so horrible and I could not eat for three days as it made my stomach churn. What I saw that day made me sick in my stomach. Despite our privilege, we were scared. I saw terrible things in Pyongyang.

Even more shocking, Hee Yeon Lime reveals how the disturbed leader would regularly pluck teenage girls from school and make them his sex slaves despite being a married father-of-three. She said: “Officials came to our schools and picked out teenage girls to work at one of his hundreds of homes around Pyongyang. They are taught how to massage him and they become sex slaves. Yes, they have to sleep with him and they cannot make a mistake or object because they could very easily simply disappear.” 

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