Breaking News From The White House – New Communication Director Announced!

The White House came with an official statement regarding the new Communications Director. Hope Hicks was named for the empty position at the White House, and we all know that she was the longest serving adviser. The information is already official, and Trump supporters cheer to the President’s latest pick.

The appointment was actually an easy decision. Mercedes Schlapp will be the new senior adviser for strategic communications which makes her the new senior staff member to the President’s communication team. We remember Schlapp for being a Republican strategist and former Fox News contributor.

People discuss the relationship between Mercedes Schlapp, Hope Hicks, and the White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Jessica Ditto is the current deputy communications director, and she will remain active in this position.

Reporters describe Hope Hicks as the most press-shy member of the President’s administration, but she’s been pretty efficient in the role of communications director. We’ve seen her accompanying the President during his official trips, and she was also introduced in his interviews.

Keith Schiller is the President’s longtime security chief and will be leaving the White House this month. We mention this only to make a comparison. Sources close to the Trump family confirm that Hope Hicks is the President’s most trusted aide outside Schiller.

This is just another change in the Trump communications team. President Donald Trump is trying to build a strong team, and he’s been gathering the best of all professionals. He promised to make America great again, and he will achieve this by combining the forces of his aides.

Raj Shah was part of the Republican National Committee and was also close to Sean Spicer. Shah will now hold the position of principal deputy press secretary. Steven Cheung is the new director of a strategic response, and we all remember him as a member of the President’s campaign group.

What do you think about the appointment of Hope Hicks? Do you think she is the right person to hold this position at the White House? How will liberals react to her appointment? Will they try to block it?

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