A Texas family wants answers this week after a 26 year-old mother fell to her death from a parking garage under suspicious circumstances.

The New York Post reported that Taylor Gruwell-Miller, 26, fell to her death from a Dallas parking garage on September 23, and there are many questions about what happened in the moments before she died.

“I just want the truth,” said her father, Rich Gruwell. “My daughter didn’t take her own life.”

Dallas police released surveillance video from the night of Gruwell-Miller’s death last week to try and shed some light on what happened. Police say that on the night she died, the mom of two was with a man she met at rehab while getting treatment for prescription drug abuse.

The surveillance footage shows Gruwell-Miller getting in a black car with the man at the parking garage. The pair then drive to the top floor of the garage, and within minutes, Gruwell-Miller is dead. After she fell, the man she was with returns to the third floor of the garage alone.

Police say that the man has refused to meet with investigators and his written statement contradicts the surveillance video.

“I think there’s one person at least that knows what happened to my daughter, and I just wish that person would tell the truth, whatever that truth is,” her dad said. “Just come forward and say what happened.”

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