Breaking: Hollywood Celebrity And Friend Of President Trump Got Assaulted Because…

President Trump has had to deal with a lot of hate with the left breathing down his neck at every turn he takes. It seems like he cannot catch a break and people from all sides are starting to see that he is treated very unfairly. Now, even one of his celebrity friends and supporters cannot even catch a break. It was reported that Mario Lopez, a good friend of the president, was assaulted at a Las Vegas spa.

According to TMZ, Lopez was leaving the restroom as he bumped into another gentleman leaving. “Excuse me,” Lopez apologized. “You got a problem?” the other man asked aggressively. Mario then went to go get his phone from the locker rooms. Before he could grab it, the man took it and smashed it against the wall, shattering it.

That is when authorities were finally called and they were able to break up the altercation before it escalated any further. Trump has seen Mario and what he does and the two actually became good friends because of it. It sounds like he is doing okay and will be able to go about his daily business starting now. But it is a good example of how tightly wound some people are.

Apparently, according to authorities, the man responsible is a known troublemaker who has been in trouble for this kind of thing before. But he was not arrested and Lopez did not press charges, probably because he does not have to time to deal with this kind of thing.

This is a perfect example of why some people need to stay out of public situations. If they cannot handle being bumped into from time to time, maybe they should just stay away. President Trump must be glad to hear that he is doing all right. It is rare when we see a Hollywood celebrity come out in support of the president.

But that is exactly what happened here. Trump has made a name for himself as a celebrity. But it seems like ever since he became president, Hollywood now hates him. Where is the love? What happened?

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