BREAKING: Hillary Gave $800,000 to Antifa, Truth EXPOSED, Patriots Enraged!

Hillary Clinton lost the battle in the 2016 presidential elections, but that didn’t stop her from giving money to Onward Together. But, wasn’t she actually railing against “dark money” groups during her campaign?

Hillary is a master at applying double standards. We saw her talking about Onward Together, but it seems like she was only trying to collect a few more votes. Hillary knew that she could never win the elections, and decided to speak about Antifa and other similar groups.

However, truth saw the light of the day, and Hillary’s true love was exposed. The latest reports suggest that the failing presidential candidate transferred money from her 2016 presidential campaign to Onward Together.

Hillary sent over $800,000 to the group right before they were launched in May. This was confirmed in the documents filed by the campaign. Americans can’t believe that Clinton lied to us so many times. Will you forgive her for everything she has done so far? We know who won’t forgive her.

But, we have Offended America saying that those $800,000 went to the violent Antifa activists. This changes everything, and Hillary found herself in hot water.

It seems like her Super-PAC, Onward Together, supports Antifa and other resistance groups. Since when is Antifa considered a resistance group? They are nothing but a bunch of violent criminals who rage in the streets smashing everything that comes their way.

How could Hillary do something like this? She was the one who condemned dark-money groups. So, what made her stand at the top of another one?

This is the last thing the Democrat needed in her “portfolio.” Americans already hate her too much. People can’t forget the Benghazi victims and Hillary’s private email server scandal. Antifa is the last thing she needed on her back. Starting a super-PAC wasn’t the brightest idea she could have after all.

It’s strange how Soros-linked group, Indivisible, denied receiving money from Hillary and Onward Together. No other Antifa-linked group has denied receiving donations from the Democrat.

What do you think about this? Do you think Hillary hides something else? Was she tied to Antifa the whole time?

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