JUST IN: Former CIA Chief Just Made Shocking Announcement, Millions Panic

Former CIA chief Michael J. Morell made a shocking statement, and you can’t even believe what really happened this time. Morell served as a non-resident senior fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School, but he decided to quit the job. His resignation letter made headlines across the country, and it involves Morell’s disapproving of Chelsea Manning.

Morell signed his resignation letter after Chelsea Manning was scheduled to be a visiting fellow this year. He said that being part of an organization that honors convicted felons and leakers is not his style. Well, we feel him.

The information of his resignation was confirmed by several sources.

Morell had to do this but assured everyone that his decision is no way related to Manning’s transgender nature. He also noted that he supports Manning’s rights, including the one to become part of the US military.

The former CIA chief couldn’t quite find a way to cope with Manning’s traitorous behavior during her service in the military. She put forward serious crimes, and every patriot would agree with this one. Maybe someone will finally understand Morell and support his move.

Morell’s resignation letter outlines Manning’s crimes and explained the reasons that led to this decision. Manning should thank Obama and his pardon. She was cleared of accusations, and literally avoided Fort Leavenworth.

“Ms. Manning was found guilty of 17 serious crimes, including six counts of espionage, for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, an entity that CIA Director Mike Pompeo says operates like an adversarial foreign intelligence service,” Michael Morell wrote in his letter.

According to him, the Kennedy School only confirmed Manning’s intentions and legitimized her traitorous path. This is wrong on so many levels and Michael Morell is well aware of it.

So, maybe the school will make another decision. Is Chelsea Manning the real choice for their program? Michael Morell doesn’t think so.

What do you think about Michael Morell and his decision to resign? Do you think Chelsea Manning should get the right to be a visiting fellow at the Kennedy School? Did Morell have other reasons to sign his resignation letter?

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