Breaking: Black Lives Matter Just Got ‘Took Down’ By Sheriff Clarke!

BLM is nothing more than a radical organization of anti-American fascists who want to even use force to get what they want. The real question is WHAT THEY REALLY WANT?

First, in this story, we need to expose the globalists and the ESSENCE of their policy- DIVIDE & CONQUER. If you make a research and follow the crucial events that happened in history, you will see that the Rothschilds and the other elitists who employed George Soros in the late 70s to be the executioners of their sick agenda, funded or tried to ‘help’ the both sides of every war after Napoleon.

It’s simple to understand because they own the central banks in every country, the World Bank and the Federal Reserve. BUT, it’s good to know that after years of development and independent spirit of Americans, we have the largest military force known in history funded by YOUR MONEY. This means that we are not dependent on them, but one thing we forgot. WE HAVE A MAJOR DEBT.

Have you ever asked who do we owe trillions and trillions of dollars? It’s them. The most interesting part of the story with the debt is that BARACK OBAMA raised the debt for 40% only in his 8 years in the Oval Office!!! The media will never tell you this.

However, the globalists realized they are losing the battle with We the people. That’s why they try to do what they do best- DIVIDE and CONQUER.

As they control the media, they brainwash the people and put them in the BUBBLE. They claim Trump is racist and bigot. HOW?! He has millions of black supporters, but nobody wants to admit it.

Actually, it’s clear that larger part of the African Americans supports the president. BUT, THOSE PEOPLE DON’T SHOOT COPS OR DESTROY PROPERTY.

In St.Lous we saw another stunt pulled by the leftists. To show you how pathetic they are we will remind you that in Charlottesville the WHITE SUPREMACISTS’ LEADER WAS FORMER OBAMA’S EMPLOYEE WHO WORKED ON HIS PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN AND ALSO, HELPED HILLARY.

After one year, he becomes a white supremacist. The KKK leader was also Hillary’s good buddy. GET IT?

They create a state of chaos and they use the media to overstate the chaos. The final result is hatred and negativity and, MOST IMPORTANT, defocus from the real issues in our society.


God bless Sheriff Clarke! He is a real patriot. And do you know what Trump promised to the African Americans? That we will sooner or later DESTROY GHETTOS. Ghettos don’t represent ‘cultural diversity’! Ghettos represent the manipulation of the Democrats, the poverty and the dichotomy in this country.

WE NEED TO STAY UNITED AS ONE! That’s what MLK’s niece Alveda King said and she is a hardcore Trump supporter.

Deep inside, still many white Americans have a prejudice for blacks and vice versa. That’s because of the Democrats and their anti-American propaganda. When Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans won the war( Democrats had quite a different policy back then supporting slavery, but their purpose was the same- DIVIDE and CONQUER) they made one thing clear- we are a Judeo-CHRISTIAN nation with CHRISTIAN values. The bible is strict- ALL PEOPLE ARE SAME, which means racism is a sin.

H/T Proud Patriots

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