Breaking: Bill O’Reilly Receaved A Call From Sean Hannity To Come Back At Fox News!

Sean Hannity talked to his former Fox News Channell colleague and friend Bill O’Reilly. He used the interview to promote O’Reilly’s new book “Killing England.” The interview is full of juicy details, and you should definitely not miss it.

Fox News host Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly talked about their battle with the allegations of sexual harassment. Both hosts agreed that O’Reilly’s termination was nothing but an effort to shut down strong political voices. Both hosts have huge influence in the world of politics, and someone just didn’t like their power.

We all know that O’Reilly’s firing was the final result of a smear campaign. Liberals didn’t approve O’Reilly and his ideas, and decided to remove him.

“I guess there’s just this natural competition. So there’s kind of a schism and they kind of use that schism to sort of pick off one person at a time. And ultimately, you’re right in this sense – their agenda is what they could never get done at the ballot box or electorally, what they could never get done legislatively,” Sean Hannity told his former colleague.

O’Reilly could nothing but agree with Hannity. He went on explaining that they were able to crush CNN and MSNBC to which Sean Hannity said that he should come back.

“I mean, I’m at the beach every day. You want to drag me back into the swamp, Hannity? Is this what you’re telling me to do?” O’Reilly said. Sean Hannity actually believes that O’Reilly wants to get back in the swamp. Well, O’Reilly’s fans would love this. They can’t just accept the fact that their favorite host is no longer at Fox News.

Sean Hannity said that people keep asking him about Bill O’Reilly, adding that they all want to know if he will ever come back to Fox.

But, O’Reilly has to do some legal stuff and handle the investigation. “This is where I’m putting mu energy,” O’Reilly said.

What do you think about the suggestion Sean Hannity made? Do you think O’Reilly will ever come back to Fox? How will his fans accept his awesome comeback?

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