Breaking: Bill O’Reilly Just Sent A CHILLING Message to George W. Bush

Earlier this week, former President George W. Bush had a speech and expressed his commendation and criticism. A lot of people got his comments as a thinly-veiled assault on President Donald Trump.

In an interview on The Howie Carr Show, former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly gave his thoughts on why President Bush made his comments, saying  “The establishment basically thinks that Donald Trump is a vulgarian — and they do. They don’t like the way he is conducting himself with the tweets and how he goes out and he stirs up people,” he said. O’Reilly also added I think there is a club — and the club says this is the way you behave in the White House. “Trump isn’t doing that. That’s why, I think, W went after him.”

O’Reilly also expressed his concerns about former president’s speech because it represents a serious crack in the Republican Party. “There’s no more Republican unity, that’s gone,” he said.

While Democrats are still united, O’Reilly acknowledged that there is conflict between the establishment wing and the more populist-learning faction. There is a club in the GOP that says “this is the way you behave in the White House”, added former host.

Former host also stated that the president has isolated himself from many in the establishment. “But Trump has alienated most establishment people. He has,” said O’ Reilly.

It looks like both the Democrats and the Republicans saw President Bush’s speech as they wanted, as an attack on President Trump. It’s easy to guess that some parts of the speech were straight attack on the current president.

President Bush also made some comments which can be understood as critics to Democrats, who brutally attacked him while he was the president. “Bigotry seems emboldened,” he said. “Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.”

It’s very likely that President Bush comments were not just for President Trump. He may criticized Trump in the past, but he also doesn’t like the tactics that Democrats are using to promote they political agenda. After all, his remarks were for all Americans, to be united.

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