Breaking: Arrest Just Happened In Front Of The White House

We all know YouTube is a big thing these days. Many people keep up with the trend of posting video vlogs on their daily basis. Some for entertainment, some for educational purposes and others just doing pranks.

There is nothing bad with that, but make sure you know your limits, especially when you are filming near the White House.

A man named Curtis Combs living in Somerset, Kentucky, has been arrested this Tuesday morning. In the process of making this video, Curtis tried to jump the White House fence from the south side to be precise.

Combs was dressed in a Pikachu costume and wanted to go near the White House just to take a short video.

Short or not, that’s against the law so White House guards quickly responded and did catch, Combs. He was immediately sent to court and was charged with unlawful entry.

Curtis explained that he was expecting to be arrested and that he did research and read the law and the charges he is going to get, but also denied that he committed the offense.

Combs pleaded not guilty, and his attorney declined the comment.

H/T DailyLightify

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