Bill O’Reilly Reveals He Was One of Many

Former cable news host Bill O’Reilly reveals he was one of many accused of sexual harassment after 21st Century Fox fired CEO Roger Ailes.

From KCRA:


Bill O’Reilly says after 21st Century Fox fired founding CEO Roger Ailes following harassment charges, he was one of scores of male employees at Fox News Channel who were accused of harassment.

A spokesman for O’Reilly released the statement Saturday in response to 21st Century Fox acknowledging that it knew a news analyst had threatened to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against him when it renewed his contract in February. The New York Times reported Saturday the company renewed the contract after O’Reilly reached a $32 million settlement.

O’Reilly says 21st Century Fox paid out close to $100 million dollars to settle all the cases brought by dozens of women.

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