THIS IS BIG: Bernie Just Got Some REALLY Bad News

A living example of how corrupting and impoverishing to the average person socialism really is can be found in the actions of Bernie Sanders. Forget his sage-like promotion of socialist ideals, for they are just words meant to pave the way for the inevitable tyranny of either socialist dictatorships or fascism.

Look, instead, at how Bernie treats the taxpayers of America. It is there that one can deduce the true face of this vile ideology.

After a failed 2016 campaign, Sanders has ‘Berned’ his followers by leaving them to pay for hundreds of thousands of dollars in remaining campaign debts to municipalities he visited, despite having $5 million left over from the money raised, reports the Daily Caller.

“Sanders’ campaign has reportedly failed to make good on hundreds of thousands of dollars in event security costs owed to dozens of cities and their police departments,” the Caller writes.

While the debt has been spread across several states, the largest amount resides with California, which is actually hilarious. Usually, the rest of the country has to pay for the Golden State’s delusions of socialist utopias, so it is fitting that they are left the bill for sponsoring an empty-headed and washed up Marxist.

After all, that is socialism so they should be happy to partake in it.

H/T AnyPolitics

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