Benghazi Hero Sends Kaepernick Photo He’ll Never Forget Right After He Whined About Not Getting Invite to NFL Meeting

Colin Kaepernick finally surfaced from his ‘cave’ to make an announcement about how offended he is because he wasn’t invited to the NFL meeting. This man needs to understand that Americans are not falling for his tricks again, and the NFL screams in mercy now after the fans displayed the power of boycott. However, one big and true American patriot shut him down with sending him one epic picture with an epic message. Read more below:

For quite a while the NFL has been facing some problems. A lot of its players have been protesting against the national anthem. As a result, the NFL has been losing views and ratings.

The former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, was the first to “take a knee” during the national anthem. His actions sparked a lot of controversies which is why he wasn’t invited to the weekly social activism meeting. Kaepernick, unsatisfied with the decision, went on to retweet a couple of tweets from the NFL reporter Jason La Canfora.

An official statement was released by Kaepernick’s legal team.

Shortly after, a tweet was sent directly to Kaepernick from the Benghazi hero Kris Paronto, known as “Tanto”.  He responded with a photo showing Kaepernick how “Real Men Take the Knee”

This man sent a strong message to Kaepernick, but a selfish and arrogant person like him is hard to get the true meaning in his heart. NFL fans told the entire world where’s the line and they’re not going to tolerate anything like this anymore.

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