Ben Carson Makes Major Announcement About Confederate Statue!

Charlottesville protests are the worst thing that has ever happened to our country. Protesters and counter-protesters gathered with the only purpose to confront each other. President Donald Trump condemned every participant and said that violence was on both sides. His political opponents criticized his attitude, and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson shares the same opinion.

Liberals got pretty angry when President Trump confirmed his comments regarding Charlottesville. “You have some pretty bad dudes on the other side also,” the President said. Ben Carson supported him, and liberals aimed against him. “I think the president is very willing to call out those individuals who sort of instigated the whole thing in the first place as well as those who reacted to that instigation,” Carson said.

According to Ben Carson, people should stop focusing on words that have been said. He encouraged everyone to focus on the solution that would make America great again.

Everyone was surprised when Ben Carson said that Charlottesville incidents can actually initiate a broader discussion about our history. He believes that the Charlottesville situation deserves a serious discussion. The HUD Secretary suggested that people ask themselves, do they really want to erase that part of the US history?

He also addressed the attempt to remove Confederate statues, noting that local governments have full responsibility. Carson’s next comment will definitely make liberals even more frustrated. When asked whether the statues bother him, Ben Carson said the unexpected.

“Me personally?  No, they don’t bug me personally, you know, I’m a big picture type of person, I don’t tend to get bogged down with things that perhaps tend to drive other people nuts because there are so many bigger issues,” Ben Carson said.

Well, that’s why people trust Carson. President Donald Trump knew that he is the right person for this position, and he trusts him. Ben Carson is a brilliant person, and his latest statement was the best of them all.

What do you think about Ben Carson and his response? Do you think people will still try to erase US history? Will Confederate statues survive?

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