The Awans channeled data through a secret server they desperately tried to conceal from Capitol Police

Imran Awan, the now-indicted Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT staffer has been forbidden access to the network of the House of Representatives due to a secret server that the Capitol Police discovered.

Awan was channeling information from several House Democrats to the secret server, and when investigators found this, they informed police who asked for information that was stored on the server.

But according to The Daily Caller, instead of being given the server data, the police were given an “elaborate falsified image” made to conceal the misconduct.

It was this false image – obviously designed to conceal something – that ultimately led to Awan being banned from the network, a senior House official familiar with the investigation has said.

The shady server was connected to the House Democratic Caucus — a group whose chairman at the time was Congressman Xavier Becerra.

Police told Becerra that the server was now being investigated and asked for a copy of it as they considered the fake photo to be relevant to a criminal probe, according to the senior House official, as reported by The Daily Caller.

It was on January 24 of this year that Becerra left his seat in Congress and became California’s attorney general.

“He wanted to wipe his server, and we brought to his attention it was under investigation. The light-off was we asked for an image of the server, and they deliberately turned over a fake server,” said the senior official.

“They were using the House Democratic Caucus as their central service warehouse … It was a breach. The data was completely out of [the members’] possession. Does it mean it was sold to the Russians? I don’t know,” the official added.

The Capitol Police believes the image is an indication that the Awans were quite aware of what they were doing and had made great efforts to conceal their actions, said the senior official.

Due to their suspicious activities, the House Sergeant-at-Arms forbade them access to the network.

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