Anti-Trump Movement is Calling for Boycott of Trump Hotels

Shannon Coulter, a brand, and digital strategist, started the #GrabYourWallet hashtag in October, encouraging people to take concrete action against Donald Trump and boycott companies that do business with him or his family.

Grab Your Wallet’s website posted a list of the “most boycott-able” companies, targeted for reasons from selling Ivanka Trump’s brand, to being owned by a member of the Trump family, to having a pro-Trump executive.

On the website there’s even a sample of what to say:

“Hi. I’m a customer of [Store Name]. Unfortunately, I can no longer do business with your company because it does business with the Trump family. If your company were to no longer do business with the Trump family I would enthusiastically return as a customer. Please communicate my feedback to management.”

The list of “most boycott-able” companies includes 51 retailers such as Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, L.L. Bean, Bloomingdales, Zappos, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Winners and much more.

Also on the list is the Trump Organization, which is currently run by Donald Jr. and Eric Trump, operates hotels around the world. The Grab Your Wallet campaign is calling for the boycott of all Trump properties until Donald Trump is no longer president. Trump’s winery, his golf courses, and Scion Hotels – which are owned by the Trump Organization – also made it on the list.

See the complete list here:

A Democratic super PAC took things even further by creating an app to help would-be boycotters identify hundreds of Trump-related companies.

The app from the Democratic Coalition Against Trump lets users search a database of companies on whose board Trump sites, and well-known brands like Home Depot, whose co-founders are vocal Trump supporters.

The super PAC formed to stop Trump intends to keep operating to resist the Trump White House.

“The election may be over, but the fight against Trump has just begun,” said Nate Lerner, the group’s executive director. “Our Boycott Trump app enables people to take action against Trump by turning their purchasing power into a tool for protest. This hits Trump and his allies where it hurts them most – their wallets.”

H/T BusinessInsider

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