12 Republicans Just Turned Their Backs On President Trump On Healthcare

Donald Trump’s new reform is once again having a real struggle with the leeches on Capitol Hill. Republicans need to understand that the unity among them is the only solution for a fast and effective recovery of this country after the devastating leadership of Barack Obama.

However, a pack of Republicans joined forces with Dems to sabotage the new option given by President Trump for all Obamacare and other health care recipients.

12 GOPs along with 12 Demomcrats have co-sponsored a bill to continue to give bailouts for insurance companies under Obamacare.

From The Hill:

The bipartisan deal to stabilize ObamaCare’s markets has 24 co-sponsors, Senate Health Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) announced Thursday.Twelve Republicans and 12 Democrats signed on to the bill, which would continue ObamaCare’s insurer subsidies for two years and give states more flexibility to waive ObamaCare rules.

“This is the first step. Improve it and pass it sooner rather than later,” Alexander said on the Senate floor.

Trump announced last week he was canceling the payments, arguing the previous administration lacked the authority to make them.

What do you think about this? Most of the people said that they find Trump’s new reform very likable for both sides. Now, everybody has an option for independent and free state healthcare market.

Why this new group tries to sabotage Trump’s executive order is really confusing and the answer is unclear. If they care so much for the voters they represent, they should’ve started this initiative way back, when the premiums started skyrocketing and when Trump wasn’t even planned to be POTUS.


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